Honeoye and Conesus Lake June 2016

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

This past week has been very busy with our clients from Ohio. On Tuesday evening we had dinner and hit Honey Lake for three hours of bass fishing. John and Susan hadn’t lost their touch, managing to put 31 bass into the Ranger. All bass came on Zoom finesse worms.

On Wednesday we spent the day fishing for bass and huge panfish. The count for total fish caught was 125 with at least 50 to 60 being bass. They used the same Zoom worms for bass and some homemade jig spinners that had a 1/32 ounce jig. We put a 1 1/2 inch Bass  Assassin, a fake type minnow, on the jig as a trailer. The panfish baits were fished on ultralight poles with 4 lb. test Bass Pro mono line.

Thursday, the Ohio folks took a break from fishing. This allowed another couple vacationing from PA to fish. The weather was marginal in the morning, but overall it played into a great day. Pennsylvania can be proud of Dean and Jennifer as they caught approximately 40 bass. The weather was overcast and the bite slower than I had anticipated. They were using the same worms that had worked previously, but I made a color change to a darker worm and the bass seemed to be able to see the worm better. The number of bites came faster and the size of the bass increased.

Susan and John wanted to try a different lake, so I checked the weather forecast and Friday was going to be perfect to fish Conesus Lake. We started fishing at the north end and worked our way south. As we drifted along with a slight breeze, we changed from worms to Bass Pro Stikos, and the bass were more inclined to bite the green pumpkin. At days end, the bass count was 30 and the panfish about the same. The biggest largemouth was a 5.49 and the largest smallmouth was 4.44. There were several largemouth in the 3-4 pound weight range and some of the smallmouths in the 2.5 to3 pound class.

Saturday was a surprise day for me. I took Susan and John to the southern part of Honeoye Lake and the bite was slow. We moved several times, always catching bass, but not in the numbers I expected. After a break for lunch, we fished the northern section of the lake, and when we quit for the day, the bass count was at 30 and panfish just about the same. Zoom finesse worms and Bass Pro Stikos both worked.

In all, the week was successful for all four of our clients.

Good fishing,


Mid May 2016 Honey Lake

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Bass fishing started off a little on the slow side May 18th. The water temperature had dropped again and the bass were in a negative mood. We managed a mix of bass and pickerel, but it was a day when you earned every bite.

By Sunday May 22nd, the water had climbed several degrees and the bass were active. We managed 42 bass in a five hour trip with a gentleman from California. Monday was a carbon copy and 39 bass were fooled by a group of three repeat clients.

On May 27th, a lady from Rochester along with her mom and dad from the Keystone State, put 47 bass in the boat during a five hour trip.
The following day a family from Mt. Morris took home a nice mess of panfish.
Sunday, I had a trip to help a new resident and his long time friends get acquainted with Honey Lake. We used his party barge, but his depth finder was not working. This made it difficult to find the proper depth and structure, but they had a good morning and learned several new methods for catching Honeoye bass.
Various baits worked with Zoom trick and finesse worms the top producers.

Florida Update

Friday, December 4th, 2015

My wife and I left New York for the Sunshine State of Florida on October 23. The trip went smooth until I had a trailer tire problem when we were just south of Jacksonville. I noticed a bulge in the side wall and figured the tire was separating. A quick tire change in a rest area put us back on the road and to our winter home in Lake Wales.

October 29th, I fished a night tournament with my friend, Dale Johnson. We fished on the North Winter Haven Chain of Lakes where we normally do quite well, but not having fished there for several months, conditions had changed and we did terrible. My friend was running a Triton that he had recently purchased, and it was not getting up on plane very well. I contacted Triton Boats and they gave me the height measurements that the motor should be mounted, which holes to use, and the best prop for this set up. We adjusted the motor height and ran some other tests. Now the boat planes great, with the rpms, top end and water pressure excellent. If you are experiencing problems, call your boat manufacturer for the right set up. Make sure to have your motor, jack plate and prop information ready when you call them.

November 8th, we fished a tournament on the same Chain of Lakes. We managed to catch a few good fish on toads, chatter baits and plastics. By mid morning the bite had slowed, so we moved to another lake in the Chain, culled all of our fish and upgraded our weight. Zoom trick worms worked on this lake and our total catch for the day was 15+ bass.

November 16th, we fished the South Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. Our idea was to fish a few lakes we hadn’t tried before. We managed four bass in a six hour day, which was not going to help us on tournament day. Tournament day, the 22nd we went to Lake Winterset first and spent the majority of the morning washing baits. Four bass were boated with one making the 14″ size limit, so we made the run to Lake Summit. It took only a few minutes to dial in the bite, and we caught another 20-25 bass. Our problem was the lack of one big fish, but we did cull up several times. A fun day anytime you manage to catch that many bass. A mix of plastic baits worked, but Zoom Finesse Worms outfished the other baits.

December 1, we went to Kissimmee at the new park by Grape Hammock. Six hours of fishing produced four boated bass and a few missed opportunities. Our presentation and bait selection changed to target bigger fish. Some adjustments are still needed, but the overall result was encouraging. Swim baits and 10 inch Berkley Power Worms both worked.

Water temperatures are dropping and the crappie bite is picking up fast. Bass are quite aggressive and willing to bite. If you are not getting bit, change lures, and if that fails, change locations. Grass offshore has been holding good fish.

Trophy time is approaching fast, so book a trip (centralfloridabassinwithfrank.com) early to lock in your date.

Be safe, wear your life vest, and maintain a proper lookout.


Honeoye, Keuka, Conesus

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

It is the 20th of August and over the weekend, Honeye has changed from clear to green with an algae bloom. Fishing is still excellent and clients, Mike, Sara and Peter did well on Monday. Darker colored worms worked early, and when the sun was high we switched to a green worm with flecks mixed into it. My advice is to fish slow and move the bait in small increments. Water temperatures are creeping higher, clarity is reduced and the bass are spread out over a wide area. When you find the bass, slow down and fish the  location thoroughly.

Keuka Lake was typical on my last visit. Some fish were active and other areas seemed void of any bass. Both largemouth and smallmouth bit, but it was a slow day.  A variety of baits worked, with Zoom trick worms  taking top honors. As we head into fall in the next few weeks, the activity should pick up.

Conesus Lake is producing some great weights for tournaments. During the Tuesday night contests, it will take between 12 and 14 pounds for a three fish limit to place. Weekend tournaments with a five fish limit of bass are producing  20-25 pound sacks. Bass are located from one end of the lake to the other and along both sides. Fish slow and thoroughly once you locate them. Jigs and Zoom trick worms have been a very good choice of baits. Change colors with the water clarity, but right now Conesus is very clear.

I had a father and two teen age boys out on the 25th, and they have been having problems catching bass. I worked with them on the speed at which they were moving their baits. I spent a considerable amount of time working with the dad, and he still was working the bait too fast, so I purposely distracted him and he let the bait sit still. I then told him to twitch the worm a couple of small movements, and he had a strike that resulted in a nice bass. This was an eye opener for him and the boys. Their bites increased along with the number of bass caught.

If you are having trouble catching fish, slow your retrieve and then slow down more.


Honeoye/Conesus/ Seneca

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Honeoye has been producing some nice fish, but the numbers are not as good as I would expect them to be at this time of year. We have fished depths and used different lures, along with several colors, and there does not seem to be a consistent pattern. Greenpumpkin centipedes have done the best. Two trips early this week have put smiles on the faces of Matt, Mike and Izzie. They all caught many nice bass with grandpa and grandma also being in on the action. Zoom trick worms were used Monday and Wednesday with colors adjusted to match water clarity.

Conesus has been a carbon copy of Honeoye. I believe the turbid water along with post spawn bass has been a major cause of the drop in fish activity. A mix of baits has worked on both lakes, but the bites have been scattered. The bass are also running smaller than they were three weeks ago. Chatter baits with craw type trailers and Zoom trick worms produced on Saturday the 11th.

Seneca was also a test. We fished the main lake areas where we have caught fish over the years and it was slow. We managed a few in the lake, then came back into the canal to finish out our limits. Wacky rigs fished very slow was a key to success. Watermelon Red Zoom trick worms fooled some nice bass.

Water clarity on these lakes has influenced color selection. Use lighter colors in clear water and darker colors as the clarity changes. Wind, waves and boat wakes will loosen dirt that has attached to weeds, making the water dirty. Help the bass find your bait by using a bait with a vibration, like a worm rattle, or shake the bait to send out vibrations. If what you’re using doesn’t work, keep experimenting.

Wear your life jacket and maintain a proper lookout.


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Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Sorry friends. We found out that there’s been a problem receiving emails sent through our Contact page form. We apologize if there was any lapse in communication with you. We always make every effort to answer both e-mails and calls on our answering machine.

Our webmaster is fixing the problem. In the meantime, please send any emails directly to mudtennity@aol.com, followed by a call to our home at 585-229-4843.

Thank you,

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Honeoye -Conesus-Sodus Bay

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

My last report told of finding some quality bass on Sodus and having a very good day of fishing. Moving forward to June 20th, something had changed. My clients broke off two big fish, but then I had to dig deep into some of my old areas from bygone years to find a few willing biters. It was, at best, a slow day.

June 19th on Conesus was a very good day with the bass willing to bite for several hours. The weather conditions made fishing a test as the wind was quite strong. We went to the north part of the lake and  found some good bass shallow. Then we fished the east and west sides of the lake using a mix of plastic baits. We caught a good numbers of fish in the 3-5 pound range, but none over 5. Some bass had spawned and a few were pre spawn.

Honeoye was very good for bass fishing on June 18, but a storm came through on Monday the 22nd with high winds and rain. The water went from clearing to turbid and the bite all but disappeared. As we fished, a friend and neighbor asked if the sheriff had lifted the 5 MPH no wake order, and I informed him that I was unaware of any issued. He told me it was posted at the marina and the NYS launch. As a NYS licensed guide and USCG Captain, I am very careful to try and present a good image for bass fishermen and had read the D&C, and watched the local news on TV covering the flooding, but did not read or hear of the no wake/5 MPH order. According to my neighbor, several people were issued tickets for exceeding the 5 MPH order. If a boater did not launch at the marina or the NYS ramp, the other media did not do a good job of making the order available to the general public. It is my opinion that warnings should have been given and upon a second offense, a ticket issued. Now, if a speed offense was committed within 200 feet of shore, then a ticket was justified.

Good fishing, wear your life jacket, and maintain a proper lookout.


Honeoye/Sodus Bay

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Saturday the bass fishing on Honeoye Lake was much slower. A hard morning produced about half to two thirds the fish I would have expected. Then the evening bite was also slow. We caught bass but the numbers were not great. On Sunday, a small group of fishing buddies found the bass very negative. The only answer that I have is possibly post spawn condition. However, we all know what happened Sunday afternoon and evening. Huge rains once again raised the water level to our docks and turned the lake into a turbid mess. Visibility in the water was close to zero but a few bass bit. The over night color change in the fish was amazing, going from the normal dark bass color to almost white.

Conditions were not the best and with high water and poor water conditions, a trip to Sodus Bay was in order. We hit the bay about mid morning and took a quick look at the Big O, and went back in the bay. We managed a bass here and there, but Sodus was not her usual self. Shortly after noon we found an active school of nice bass and the bite was setady. Just a fun day. A mix of Zoom baits worked on Honeoye and primarily, wacky rigged Zoom kudzu trick worms on Sodus.

Good fishing.


Honeoye and Conesus Lakes

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Weather at times has made the spring of 2015 a test to catch fish, but the good news is they have to eat and summer is coming soon. Honeoye has been like a yoyo with the catch rate going up and down as the conditions change. Warming trends have turned the bass on and cool nights have slowed the bite. It has been our experience that the afternoon bite has been superior to the early morning catch ratio. Many different colored worms have been working, so just experiment until the right selection results in getting bit. Presentation seems to be more important than color, with dead sticking and then just a slight movement of the bait triggering most of the action. Fish very, very slow, but pay attention to what the bass want. If they strike the bait on the fall or grab the worm and swim off, they are active and you can fish faster.

Conesus has been much like Honeoye with the same weather patterns keeping the water cold and choppy. Tuesday we managed a few largemouth and smallmouth but you had to work for them. Saturday was cold and windy, but the fish were more active. We managed to catch two tiger muskies, 1 pike, lost a pike, had 3 follows from pike and boated several nice largemouth and smallmouth bass. Spinnerbaits worked the best, taking several of the pike, bass and tiger musky. Retrieve speed was medium with a slight pause now and then.

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Honeoye Lake, Keuka Lake, Sodus Bay

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Honeoye has been its typical self in late summer/pre fall fishing arena. Bass are already starting their transition and can be on the bite one day and turned off the next. I have had the best results in the 6-8 foot depth range. Move in and out until you find their desired depth on a particular day. Some days, that depth will change quickly as the water warms up after a cool night. Water temperatures are dropping quickly and with the daytime temperatures low, bass instinctively know that winter is approaching. This is a good time to use lipless crank baits, jerk baits and spinnerbaits. A buzz bait over weed beds can trigger some awesome bites. As the water cools more, flip the thicker weeds or downsize and throw 4 inch worms or french fries.

A trip to Keuka was slower than normal. A bright, sunny, calm day, made it nice to be on the water, but I prefer a small chop and a little cloud cover. The fishing always seems to be better on the ultra clear lakes when you have some help from Mother Nature to deflect light through waves and clouds. We caught some smallmouths and largemouths, but none up to my standards.

Sodus Bay was a test last week. I always enjoy a trip to Sodus as the largemouth fishing is great. At home Friday, when I went to my boat to get things ready, I found several reel handles had been chewed by squirrels. When I arrived at the ramp on Saturday, my boat would not start, thanks to the squirrels chewing the ignition wires. Needless to say, I spent the day fishing close-by weedbeds using my trolling motor. I caught two LM on a buzz bait, and then started flipping a brush hog. Total catch for the day was in the neighborhood of 15 bass and one pike bite off. The weather was marginal at best with wind, rain and very cool temperatures. I did not get any big bites, as I could not travel to my priority areas, but had a fun day, nonetheless.



Maintaing Local Lakes Quality Editorial
 I read and reread your opinion and praise of the politicians who are stepping forward to pass more legislation to help protect our cherished Finger Lakes. The joke of this article is in passing more legislation. Let me give you some history concerning these problems.
 Most of the invasive plant species arrived here from importation by landscape and aquarium businesses pursuing a profit. Some of these plants spread by seeding and others by people disposing of them in the nearest ditch, creek, or any other convenient place they could locate. Now these plants are spreading from one body of water to another. Understandably, all boaters should do their best to help stop this transfer. The majority of boaters do a good job of cleaning up their boats after use. So where do we pick up the weeds?
 I do have an answer to that question. Years ago laws were passed to tax fishing equipment, hunting equipment, and fuel, with these taxes being returned to the states on a per capita basis from license sales for fishing and hunting. At the time, the boat launches were controlled by the DEC, and there was no fee to use them. Fast forward to our elected leaders. They have found a cash cow by making the boat launches NYS parks and charging a fee for use. Fees now range from $6 to $7 to use these boat ramps. Personnel were hired to collect those fees and do some minor duties. Today, our leaders have installed electronic kiosks to replace the former attendant. Now we have several ramps with no attendants during the busy summer season.
 As the invasive species problem grew, our leaders appropriated funds to do a study at the boat launches. College students would inspect your boat before you launched it and after it was retrieved. One of their questions was, what body of water were you on last. While speaking to the student at Conesus Lake Park, I asked her if she realized where the weeds came from on my boat and trailer. She replied from the lake. Technically she was correct, but I pointed out to her that a weed has not been grown that can stay on a bass boat at 45 miles per hour. The weeds get on the boat and trailer at the boat launch when the boat is loaded onto the trailer. Why? Because our leaders, being so much smarter than us, know, instead of cleaning the boat ramp of weeds, why not lay off the personnel who could clean the ramp. Instead, they pass new legislation and add paperwork that will always replace hard work.
 It is a shame that the very people we rely on to address these types of problems are so misinformed. With all the waste of funds in Albany and Washington, a small stipend to man these launches would do much more to help control the spread of invasive species than all of the legislation they pass.
Honeoye Lake Resident


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