June Bass Fishing

Wow, where has the time gone this Spring? Cold, rain and cold again has put the bass in a delay on all their normal patterns. Even the panfish are confused. When the rockies don’t bother you, it’s a strange feeling. For a long period, I was concerned because I was not catching any smaller bass, which Honeoye Lake has been famous for producing, ┬ábut that has changed and we are getting a good mix of all sizes except large 4 to 5 pounders.

The water gets dirty from heavy boat traffic, high winds or a combination of the two forces and will make your baits harder for the fish to see. Add worm rattles or use baits that create vibration or noise and your strike count will increase.

Normal Zoom baits have been working with the baby brush hog and the green pumpkin trick worm performing the best. We have also used some crank baits (Timber Tiger) and topwater (Chug Bug) to fool some nice bass. The late afternoon to evening bite has been the most productive.

Be especially careful this week as the summer is in full swing and it is fourth of July week. Increased boat activity and operator inattention can be hazardous.

Be safe, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.


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