Honeoye and Conesus Lake June 2016

This past week has been very busy with our clients from Ohio. On Tuesday evening we had dinner and hit Honey Lake for three hours of bass fishing. John and Susan hadn’t lost their touch, managing to put 31 bass into the Ranger. All bass came on Zoom finesse worms.

On Wednesday we spent the day fishing for bass and huge panfish. The count for total fish caught was 125 with at least 50 to 60 being bass. They used the same Zoom worms for bass and some homemade jig spinners that had a 1/32 ounce jig. We put a 1 1/2 inch Bass  Assassin, a fake type minnow, on the jig as a trailer. The panfish baits were fished on ultralight poles with 4 lb. test Bass Pro mono line.

Thursday, the Ohio folks took a break from fishing. This allowed another couple vacationing from PA to fish. The weather was marginal in the morning, but overall it played into a great day. Pennsylvania can be proud of Dean and Jennifer as they caught approximately 40 bass. The weather was overcast and the bite slower than I had anticipated. They were using the same worms that had worked previously, but I made a color change to a darker worm and the bass seemed to be able to see the worm better. The number of bites came faster and the size of the bass increased.

Susan and John wanted to try a different lake, so I checked the weather forecast and Friday was going to be perfect to fish Conesus Lake. We started fishing at the north end and worked our way south. As we drifted along with a slight breeze, we changed from worms to Bass Pro Stikos, and the bass were more inclined to bite the green pumpkin. At days end, the bass count was 30 and the panfish about the same. The biggest largemouth was a 5.49 and the largest smallmouth was 4.44. There were several largemouth in the 3-4 pound weight range and some of the smallmouths in the 2.5 to3 pound class.

Saturday was a surprise day for me. I took Susan and John to the southern part of Honeoye Lake and the bite was slow. We moved several times, always catching bass, but not in the numbers I expected. After a break for lunch, we fished the northern section of the lake, and when we quit for the day, the bass count was at 30 and panfish just about the same. Zoom finesse worms and Bass Pro Stikos both worked.

In all, the week was successful for all four of our clients.

Good fishing,


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