Florida Bass “Challenge”

Many of you folks read ads from different guides claiming thousands of bass over 10 lbs. In some areas and with some guides, double digit bass happen. Usually folks who do not fish all the time have a hard time controlling a six to seven pound bass on the end of their line. Fortunately, Florida is a land of opportunity and she produces several great bass each season. January, February, and March are the prime times to catch a giant bass. This is when they will be at their egg laden heaviest and located shallow where the spawning takes place. If you happen to be blessed with one of these trophy fish, take good photos and measure the length and girth. Release the bass and have a replica made to hang on the wall.
A big challenge for me in Florida is the changes that take place during my six months while up in the Finger Lakes region of New York. In October when I return to Florida, the areas I fished in April, are either choked with weeds or are devoid of cover for the bass. This will cause the bass to relocate, and I have to start a learning process for that body of water to determine where the bass have gone and what they are feeding on now. Although it can be frustrating, the rewards are worth the effort when you hook up and boat a nice fish.
We are in a cold snap right now which should cool the water and help get the crappie bite get going.
As always, be safe, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout. See you on the water.

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