Honeoye and Conesus Lakes

Weather at times has made the spring of 2015 a test to catch fish, but the good news is they have to eat and summer is coming soon. Honeoye has been like a yoyo with the catch rate going up and down as the conditions change. Warming trends have turned the bass on and cool nights have slowed the bite. It has been our experience that the afternoon bite has been superior to the early morning catch ratio. Many different colored worms have been working, so just experiment until the right selection results in getting bit. Presentation seems to be more important than color, with dead sticking and then just a slight movement of the bait triggering most of the action. Fish very, very slow, but pay attention to what the bass want. If they strike the bait on the fall or grab the worm and swim off, they are active and you can fish faster.

Conesus has been much like Honeoye with the same weather patterns keeping the water cold and choppy. Tuesday we managed a few largemouth and smallmouth but you had to work for them. Saturday was cold and windy, but the fish were more active. We managed to catch two tiger muskies, 1 pike, lost a pike, had 3 follows from pike and boated several nice largemouth and smallmouth bass. Spinnerbaits worked the best, taking several of the pike, bass and tiger musky. Retrieve speed was medium with a slight pause now and then.

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