Mid May 2016 Honey Lake

Bass fishing started off a little on the slow side May 18th. The water temperature had dropped again and the bass were in a negative mood. We managed a mix of bass and pickerel, but it was a day when you earned every bite.

By Sunday May 22nd, the water had climbed several degrees and the bass were active. We managed 42 bass in a five hour trip with a gentleman from California. Monday was a carbon copy and 39 bass were fooled by a group of three repeat clients.

On May 27th, a lady from Rochester along with her mom and dad from the Keystone State, put 47 bass in the boat during a five hour trip.
The following day a family from Mt. Morris took home a nice mess of panfish.
Sunday, I had a trip to help a new resident and his long time friends get acquainted with Honey Lake. We used his party barge, but his depth finder was not working. This made it difficult to find the proper depth and structure, but they had a good morning and learned several new methods for catching Honeoye bass.
Various baits worked with Zoom trick and finesse worms the top producers.

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