April Showers (SNOW)

Melody and I returned from Florida on the 16th of this month to a significant snowfall. Normally our return would be at the latter part of April, but health problems brought us back early. While her problems are very serious, they are treatable. That being said, between health on our end and the VIRIS, at this time we should all practice a safe distance between us. The boat does not allow for a minimum of 6 foot so as of now guiding will not be an option. 

Do not let this keep you home as there are several areas to fish from shore and enjoy the outdoors. Also, on May 1st the Spring turkey season will open. If all goes well possibly by late May or June we might be back in business. Until this virus comes under control, be safe, practice good hygiene, wear your life jacket, and we will look forward to spending time with you later on in the year.

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