Updated Info on Honeoye and Conesus Lakes

It is opening day of the NYS 2016 bass season and a quick update will clue you into what has happened in the past two weeks. The water temperatures have been going up and down like a yoyo for the past few weeks making bass activity hard to predict. Saturday evening, June 11, the water had warmed and the bass were active late in the day. Sunday, the wind blew and the air temperature dropped. Honeoye Lake water temperature dropped 9 degrees in just a few days, which had a dramatic effect on the bass. The bite became slow, but as the water warmed this week, the bass became more active.

To catch more fish, use a slow presentation, flip weeds, and as the water warms during the day, fish edges with a wacky rig. Both Tuesday and Friday produced good results, but it was important to fish slow. Zoom finesse worms and Zoom Baby Brush Hogs were the proven baits.

Conesus Lake was in the same general condition as Honeoye Lake, the exception being Conesus is deeper and it may take longer for the water to warm back to the temperatures that make bass active. Even though the lake was in a slump, we managed to boat several largemouth and smallmouth bass in the 3 to 4 pound class. Zoom finesse worms were the most productive baits there, too.

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