Our name speaks for our service:

T otal commitment.
E ach client is special.
N o harvest of bass. Catch and Release.
N o guarantees; only a quality trip.
I ndividually tailored trips.
T eaching is our specialty.
Y ou deserve the best.
S o give us a chance to “make your day.”

Books, videos, and magazines play an important role in teaching people how to fish. However, there is no substitute for time on the water. Miracles are not included, but you will acquire more knowledge in four days at our school than you could learn in months or years on your own. Fish spend time in schools, why not fishermen? We have made the mistakes, let us help you avoid them.

Your host is a skilled tournament angler.  Frank Tennity has fished at the club level, moved up to the state level, and fished a recognized national circuit. Frank is experienced on rivers, natural lakes, and reservoirs. Your host has not won the “Big One” on a national circuit, but has done respectably well. The best indicator of an anglers overall ability, is not how well they perform on local lakes, but how well they can adapt to various conditions.

Angling during weekends and vacations should provide enough material to write an outdoor magazine. Sadly, most people have few tales to recount around the campfire. We want you to learn, and we want you to catch fish. You have a choice. For a modest fee and the price of a phone call, you can be transformed into the campfire raconteur.

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