Sodus Bay/Canadaigua Lake/Honeoye Lake

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

What a busy time of the year. We are winding down the guide business and getting ready to make the treck to our winter home in Florida. I fished a tournament on Sodus Bay September, 15th and lost five bass during the day. Normal areas were not producing, but I did catch a small limit. The following day during a guide trip on Canandaigua Lake, a similar situation occurred when the bass were not in their normal areas. The clients caught some nice bass but not the numbers that I had anticipated. During the day I thought maybe the bass were starting their Fall patterns and were on the move. Both bodies of water were quite clear so the bass should have been able to see the bait. I did catch some bass on a chatter bait and one on a buzz bait while fishing Sodus Bay. This was an overlooked clue straight from the bass.

Monday I was on Honeoye with two clients and the lake was quite choppy. Between the algae bloom and suspended dirt from rough water, the bass were having a tough time seeing the bait. The clients put a dozen bass in the boat and missed several, but I decided we had to make some adjustments. Tuesday, with the same clients, I switched to spinnerbaits and crank baits. Bang, the bite was on and I realized that this old man was just a little slow picking up on bass going into their Fall patterns. Noticing that most of the bass were hooked on the back hook of the crank bait, I instructed the clients to change their presentation and soon the bass were taking the whole bait into their mouth. The water temperature would drop overnight and then rise during the day. Bass were scattered at all depths with some shallow and others deeper. While the temperatures cool the bass bite is heating up. Enjoy some great Fall fishing before freeze up.

Here we are on September 27th writing this blog after pulling the docks and hoist from the lake. It is always a sad time knowing that another season on Honeoye Lake is coming to an end. The Ranger has a few more items to take care before she is put to rest for the winter. She also has a couple of things that need to be addressed in the Spring before we put her to back to work, but she has performed well for an older rig.

Keep us in mind if you are coming to Florida this winter. Be safe, wear your life vest, maintain a proper lookout, and we will see you on the water in the Spring of 2019.


Honeoye and Conesus Lakes

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Conesus has been good for tournaments but tough for guiding. I have to locate fish that novices can catch and they are difficult to locate this year. Places that normally hold good bass are not producing. The catch ratio is much lower than past years and Conesus is a much better lake than she has shown. I have noticed that the lake seems to be very busy with both local traffic and the boat ramp being full.

Honeoye Lake has been on a downturn for the past three weeks. Just when things seem to be picking up, either boat traffic or wind will dirty the water and the fishing suffers. Many of the bass are quite thin and I attribute that to their inability to see the forage. The algae bloom this year has not been as bad as the past couple of years, however we still have a bloom. Soon the water will start to cool and we should be into the Fall patterns. Do not be afraid to go shallow, much like the Spring time and fish close to shore.

With the water close to cooling, be safe, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.

Keep a proper lookout and wear your life jacket.


Back in the Finger Lakes @ Honeoye Lake

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

We arrived back in Honeoye on April 27th, a moderate day with nice weather. After unloading the suburban and having the water meter installed, we found that none of our heat sources were functioning. We fired up a little electric heater which is the equivalent to striking a match in a windstorm. It wasn’t much, but we made it do. Melody and I went to work on the heat pump and repaired a bad wire in the unit. That fixed the problem, and the heat pump warmed us up into the mid sixties. Then we tackled the fireplace log set and the Vermont Casting stove. By Sunday afternoon we had the old place warmed up to 84 degrees, and we felt like we were back in Florida.

Several trips for groceries and supplies filled the cupboards and we were officially open. Now the real work started with the changing of boat covers, getting the lawn mowers running and putting the docks in for the season. I finished the docks yesterday, and now we will go through the Ranger and put her in the water for the summer.

Conesus Lake was very cold last Thursday. The water temp was 46.5 to 47.5 degrees and the fish were really turned off. I was quite surprised because when we installed the docks the day before on Honeoye Lake, the water was cool but not bone chilling cold like usual.

This brings us to the issue of safety. With this early season water so cold, remember to wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout. Be safe and we will see you on the water.

Florida Update

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

It is February 6th and the weather is improving each day. Water temperatures are on the rise which is having a positive effect for the bass angler. A trip to the Butler Chain in the Orlando area Saturday was windy and quite cool, slowing the bite down compared to the previous Thursday. The water stayed between 61 and 62 degrees so the bass were a little slow to bite. The following day on Toho, part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, conditions were better, but good shiners were not available.  Some bass got caught early and then the high winds put a damper on things.

Monday dawned with a slightly overcast sky and then sunshine later on. It was a nice warm day and not too hot. Water temperatures rose during the day and the bass at the Winter Haven Chain were on the bite. Customers boated 15 and lost or missed at least 8-10 bass. Several of the bass had big egg sacks but were not fully developed yet. For the next three months, February, March, and April, fishing will be the ideal time to catch a trophy bass. If you can’t make it to the Sunshine State this year, start planning ahead for a visit next winter.

Good fishing, be safe if you are on the ice back home, and if your fishing on open water, wear your life vest.

Check our blog for more reports.


Honey Lake , Canandaigua Lake , Florida

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Time is flying by so fast that we have not been able to accomplish all of our goals for this year. The good part is that we will have plenty to keep us busy when we return from Florida in the Spring.

A special thank you to all the folks that used our guide service this year. We hope you enjoyed your time spent with us, and please consider us, Tennity’s Guide Service & Fishing Charters, in your future fishing plans.

The last three trips on Honeoye Lake went quite well. We managed 33 bass on a Thursday, 48 bass on Friday and 25 on Saturday. All fish were released to bite again. Wacky rigs and Texas rigs both caught fish. The colors used depended on water clarity and whether it was sunny or overcast.

On Sunday I met a gentleman for a guide trip on Canandaigua Lake. Several bass in the 3 to 4.5 lb. class were caught, mostly on wacky rigs. The total number caught and released was 20 plus or minus one or two. We did not keep an accurate count, but it was a very productive day.

Remember to wear your life vest as the water temperature is dropping and hypothermia can happen quickly this time of year. Good fishing, and we will see you in the Spring.

Honeoye, Conesus, Canandaigua Lakes

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Tom on Canandaigua

It is September 29th and the season is slowly coming to an end. Mixed weather has been a blessing or a curse, and at times make the bass a challenge to locate. Water temperatures drop and then we have several unseasonably warm days, pushing temperatures back up. Confusing conditions for both bass and angler.

A couple of days on Conesus produced a few bass and a few pike. Good days, but not up to my expectations. The weather was almost too nice for mid September.

Honeoye Lake has been under an algae bloom, but the bass fishing has been quite good. I found that by locating the clearest water, bass could find my offering much better. I also shake the bait, but do not move it horizontally. The vibrations from shaking bait helps a bass locate and strike your presentation. I use 8-10 pound test on spinning rods and 12  pound on bait casting rods. Texas rigged weights are 3/16 ounce, and I match hook size to the bait.

A trip to Canandaigua went very well with several nice bass being caught. The dependable wacky rig worked best. Patience was important. Very clear water and late September mean these bass have seen just about a tackle store full of baits. Since ice out, anglers have been trying to trick them into biting, so a small change in presentation or color can make a huge difference.

Baby brush hogs and trick worms worked at all three of the lakes. Zoom makes very good and affordable products. I use other products, but during the year spend several hundred dollars on these Zoom baits because they work.

Time is slipping by and soon we will pull the Ranger and docks. Winterize everything and make the long drive to Florida. If you are coming to the Sunshine state, consider a guide bass fishing trip with us in central Florida.

Good Fall fishing,

Wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.

Honeoye Lake and Seneca Lake

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Time is passing us by fast this summer. It is August 8th and Fall is approaching quickly. The water temperature on Honeoye Lake has dropped 4 to 5 degrees in the past week and the bass have been affected. Last Monday the bite was good and my clients had a good time. Tuesday I went to Seneca Lake, and we fished for smallmouth and largemouth bass. We managed 1 nice smallmouth and missed at least 3, all on melon pepper tubes. Later when the lake got choppy, we returned to the canal and managed to hook up with several largemouths on Zoom wacky rigged trick worms in watermelon/red.

Forwarding to this week, the bass have slowed considerably on Honeoye Lake. Conditions have stabilized and the bite is picking back up. I moved into the heavier weeds and am using baby brush hogs, shaking them, stoping, then shaking some more. It helps the bass locate the bait. The wacky rig is also working, but you have to fish it slow. Red Bug trick worms worked yesterday and today on the rig. Green pumpkin baby brush hogs with a 3/16 ounce weight, Texas rigged was the best producer today.

A couple of points to help your success when you go fishing.

Learn to pitch, flip and cast. Practice in the yard for a few minutes each day and you will be rewarded.

Make every effort to learn how to use a bait casting  outfit and an open face spinning reel. These are like tools in a tool box. No one tool is good for all jobs, and neither is a single style of fishing outfit.

Good fishing,


Conesus,Honeoye,Keuka Lakes

Monday, July 31st, 2017
Last day of July already. Had to go for a random drug test today, part of the USCG regulations. When you receive the paperwork, the next business day is test day.
Fishing has been very good ,but catching has been a little bit iffy with the dirty water on Honeoye Lake. The heavy rain made conditions difficult but with hard work bass had to eat. Wacky rigs, baby brush hogs and spinner baits worked.
Conesus Lake has also been off with dirty water but it is clearing as of last Saturday. Chatter baits and baby brush hogs fooled a few, but the bite was slow.
Keuka Lake, in the Branchport arm was very good last Friday. Wacky rigs, spinner baits and tubes took a mix of LM,Sm, and those toothy critters. Depths were anywhere from shore to 25 ft.
Good fishing,

Honeoye Lake

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Tucker with his walleye after a day of bass catching.

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