Thank You To Our Finger Lakes Fishing Friends

It is October 13th as I sit here writing this “Thank You” to all the folks that have fished with us in 2016. I wish all of you could experience 50 bass fishing trips, but sometimes those green fish have different ideas. Starting in the spring, several folks had these days on the water and as the season progressed the catch ratio dropped with the last few trips working to catch 12 to 15. The bass get conditioned to fishing pressure and we find it necessary to change locations and baits. During this process, we also have to change presentations. Some of these presentations are quite difficult to learn in a short period of time, such as a 5 hr fishing trip. In some previous blogs, I offered suggestions that would help to make your guided trips successful in the future. Practice casting, pitching and flipping in the yard by your home. Set out targets at various distances, then spend 15 minutes per day practicing. You will be the recipient of some smart aleck remarks, such as, “how they biting?”,  “catch any?”, but know that when you are on the water, your catch ratio is going to increase.

Each one of you that spent time with us is very special. We hope that in the process of spending time on one of our boats, that you have, above all, experienced a fun day. Secondly our goal has been to teach you some new methods, baits and provide general information, to you, the effect the environment has on bass. Once again this year, Honeoye has experienced an algae bloom that made it harder to catch bass. By switching a Texas rigged bait and shaking it in place, the bass could locate our offering. If you went to different areas of the lake, usually clearer water could be found, making the fish easier to catch. We hope you learned how sunshine, clouds or wind determines where we fish and the methods used. If you have forgotten some of that information, call us and we will be happy to refresh your memory.

Happy Holidays ahead and if you are coming to Florida this winter, we guide for BASS in the central  Florida area, an hour south of Disney and close to Legoland. Check our website,  and have a great winter season.

Frank and Melody


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