Honeoye Lake Report

Karl with a nice Honeoye Lake bass

It is early September and we have a major algae bloom in progress. Do the bass still bite? The answer is yes. The bloom creates a problem for the bass to eat by sight. It is not that bass are visually impaired, but water conditions limit their distance to see our offerings. I have learned that by shaking the bait in place and limiting the horizontal movement, bass have the ability to locate the bait. Use a bait that has some appendages and it will increase the vibrations, assisting both largemouth and smallmouth to lock in and attack your presentation.

Fall patterns are starting, with the bass scattering and some moving quite shallow. Meanwhile, the spinnerbait/buzzbait bite is picking up. Small square bill crank baits will also work again as fish move closer to shore.

Water temperatures have cooled to the high 60’s and with cooler weather, will drop more. Docks are being pulled so that pattern will be gone. By covering lots of water, you’ll be rewarded.

Good fishing, wear your life vest, maintain a proper lookout.


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