Honeoye Lake Bass Fishing

Some years strange things happen and 2018 is proving to be a zinger. April was cold and then May came through with some extra hot weather. Things were setting up for a big spring of catch and release when May 31 started a downward spiral of the water temperature. In a weeks time the water went from the mid seventies to sixty degrees. Even the northern bass are affected by such a large drop. As the water cooled the bass changed locations and the bite slowed. As the temperature started up ,the activity level increased in the afternoon and we managed to catch more bass in the afternoon and evenings.

Watermelonseed and watermelon/red Zoom trick worms were the preferred bait, but when the water cooled we broke black grape worms in half and slowed the presentation to almost dead sticking. If you are not getting bit, slow down and then slow down more.

Good fishing, be safe wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.


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