Honeoye Lake

The water temperature has taken a major jump and the bass have responded. Recent rains have stained the lake, but the bass do not care. Fish slow, shake the bait and you will get bit. Zoom trick worms and baby brush hogs have been producing quite well. Color to use will be dictated by the water color. Clear water use your greens and stained water switch to green pumpkin or black.

Bass are actively bedding. We have caught several with their tails rubbed flat on the bottom. The bass can be caught in water from a few inches to 10 feet deep. Keep moving in and out until you locate where they are active.

Pickerel have also been active. I have caught several nice toothy critters on the bass baits. Most fish have been caught in the 5-7 ft. depths. Be safe, wear your life vest.





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