Honeoye, Conesus, Canandaigua Lakes

Honeoye has been good all year, even with the algae bloom. The best and most consistent bait has been a Zoom Baby Brush Hog in green pumpkin color. Fish have spent a majority of the time in the 8ft depth. The lake water is starting to clear up and the wacky rig is starting to catch a few. Spinnerbaits, buzz baits and small crank baits will also work. Move in and out until you find the bass location as the water temperature is dropping and the fish are moving around.

Conesus is almost a carbon copy of Honeoye, except the bait colors are different.Watermelon red has been very good all year. Zoom trick, finesse, and shaky head worms have worked well. When flipping and pitching weeds, we used Brush Hogs and Baby Brush Hogs, both in watermelon red.

Canandaigua started slow, picked up later and only kicked out some small bass last weekend. Wacky rigged Zoom trick worms fished from 3 to 2o feet fooled some very nice largemouth.

A big thanks to all the folks that chose our guide service this year. We hope you enjoyed the time spent with us on the water and look forward to future fishing adventures with you. If you come to Florida during the winter, consider a bass fishing trip in the center of the state. Our Florida web site is centralfloridabassinwithfrank.com. We would love to take you shiner fishing.

Be safe, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.

Frank and Melody

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