Honeoye, Conesus and Canandaigua Lakes

It has been very busy the past two weeks on local Finger Lakes. I spent five days on Canandaigua Lake and it was quite good for largemouth bass. Most were caught on wacky rigged Zoom baits with colors being changed throughout the day.  Trick and finesse worms worked well and when conditions changed we used some salty centipedes AKA French Fries. Bass were anywhere from right on shore to almost twenty feet deep.

Conesus was a test and then we either figured out the right location, the right bait, or they just decided to eat. The quality of the bass was very good. We did best at the South end in six to fifteen feet of water.

Honeoye has been about the same as normal for this time of year. The water has some color and most bass are on the thin side. We have not caught many large fish, and it appears that the large amount of fisherman and the ice fishing may have reduced the overall bass population. Many areas that held quality sized fish for years now yield one or two bass and those are on the small side. Studies have shown that for a bass to reach 4-6 lbs., it would be 7-9 years old. These are also the genetics for continuing the production of larger bass. When a majority of these bigger fish are harvested, you are basically killing the lakes ability to produce a new resource. There is nothing wrong with a fish fry, but take only what you can consume fresh. Do not waste this precious resource. Next time you keep a good breeder to eat, think about the future bass you have just filleted.

Be safe, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.

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