Honeoye, Conesus, and Canandaigua Lake Fishing

Honeoye has been fishing good all season, but recently the catch rates and bites have slowed. The water has colored and many of the bass are on the thin side. Wacky, drop shot and Texas rigs have been working if fished slow. The bass transitioned to slightly deeper water and you will just have to move in and out until you locate them. Don’t be afraid to throw spinnerbaits, crank baits and other style baits that will be noisy or give off vibration so the bass can locate your offering. Fish your baits slow.

Conesus Lake has been a challenge for me this year. It has been fishing good for tournaments, but I have to locate bass that novice anglers can catch. Pitching, flipping and drop shooting are not for the novice angler to master during a five hour trip. During a recent trip we had our licenses checked by the DEC and they were surprised that we had been catching some nice fish. Although for me, we were having a slow day, the officers told us that other anglers they checked were catching no fish.

Canandaigua Lake has been on fire this year. Usually I am able to find some active bass, this year has been exceptional and the catch rates reflect the same.We have managed anywhere from 11 to 25 bass on a five hour trip. Color of bait has made a big difference in the catch rate. As light conditions or wave activity changes, often the bait section will have to change along with the color selection. Good fishing, wear your life vest and maintain a proper lookout.


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