Honeoye and Conesus Lake Fishing

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Some folks having fun on Honeoye and Conesus Lakes

Honeoye has been good as we head into summer. Many bass are still in the 6 – 7 foot depths and will bite with the correct presentation. Wacky rigged trick worms and stikos will constantly put fish in the boat. If the bite slows or stops, switch to a Texas rigged worm or baby brush hog. An algae bloom is in progress and is moving around the lake, pushed by the current wind. Look for cleaner water and use baits that have a green hue, and when you get to water with abundant algae, use something with a darker color. Shaking the bait helps the bass locate your offering, so shake it, but don’t move the bait.

Conesus Lake is giving up some nice bass in the Tuesday night tournaments. I, along with my clients, have been able to boat some quality largemouths. Choose your location and fish slow. The weeds at the south end of the lake are much cleaner than those at the north end of the lake. This makes it much easier to fish, because you don’t have to clean the slime off ¬†your bait every cast. Try to fish during the week if possible as Conesus is very busy on the weekend.



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