Florida Update From the Tennity’s

I am sure many of you get a laugh out of my spelling Honeoye Lake wrong, so here goes the explanation, it is the spell check that corrects me for spelling my lake wrong. Very frustrating, but that does not have any detrimental action on the fishing. We have been in Florida about three months and have not been as active as usual. The weather has been marginal and I have done many jobs for people in the community.

The crappie bite is a little late but is very good. Most that were cleaned had no eggs so the spawn may be a little late. Bass on the other hand have been both good and lousy. When the hurricane came up through central Florida, she wreaked havoc on the existing weeds. Areas that we have been fishing for several years are now barren. The bass have not left the lake, but we have not adjusted to the changes as fast as I would have expected. As January comes to a close, some buck bass are moving into the bedding areas followed by a few sows. The next three months should be very very good. With less vegetation, it will concentrate them and make the bass easier to locate. One of the biggest problems with Florida bass fishing is so much of the cover looks like it should hold bass, and it doesn’t. When you do find them it could be a honey hole.

If you are thinking of coming to Florida, keep us in mind for a guided bass fishing trip. If you ice fish, be careful.


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