Finger Lakes and Honeoye Lake Reports

Finger Lakes

It has been a busy and challenging week in the Finger Lakes area. Monday, heavy rains hit Livingston, Ontario, and Yates counties, causing much damage to property. Honeoye Lake has been off limits to motor boats with an advisory on Canandaigua, Conesus. Keuka suffered the lowest damage this time. Be careful and remember that you are responsible for any damage that your boat wake may do. NYS law has a 100 foot no wake zone and many communities that surround the lakes have passed laws making the no wake zone 200 feet from shore. The region is experiencing unusually high water levels so please act accordingly. Be a responsible boater and if a bass angler, project a good image.

Honeoye has been off limits. The water rose to the bottom of my docks, and with it came sticks, logs and a plethora of other junk. Water conditions are bad at best, and the water is very colored from the silt washing into the lake. The fish will have a hard time sight feeding, so use a bait that creates noise, vibration, or both.

Conesus had a large amount of flotsam and was turbid at the south end. Fishing was off on Tuesday morning, but should pick up as the water clears. The water was much cleaner toward the mid lake area.

Keuka had some color and the wind was a slight  problem for my younger clients in feeling the bite. When the lake calmed, a drift on the east side, north of the state park, produced several smallmouth bass, rockies, pickerel and largemouth bass.

The tournament on Canandaigua, Saturday, was a test. This is another lake with very clear water, but the recent rains created additional color. As boat traffic increased, so did the turbidity. Baits had to be put right in front of the bass and the bite was slow and very light. Only two of my fish bit hard, with the rest of the bites just a different feel to the bait. If you didn’t set the hook, the fish was gone. Tubes, baby brush hogs, and drop shot all produced fish.

Once again, be aware of the high water conditions, wear your life vest, and maintain a proper lookout.


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