2017 New York Fishing Season

We arrived back in NY on April 26th to very nice weather, unhooked the boat, opened the cabin and unloaded our suburban. The next day was even better and we looked forward to installing the docks and hoist. Well, big change in the plans. Cold, rain, and more terrible weather has put a damper on things. I know most of you have been cooped up all winter and are anxious to hit the lake for some serious fishing, but be patient. I have been a guide for many years and there is nothing worse than these conditions to endure. Wait a week or two until the weather warms, lake levels drop and conditions return to a more normal state. Then, we can literally “load the boat.”

We look forward to spending time with old friends and making some new friends during the 2017 season. Practice pitching, flipping and casting using a practice plug in ┬áthe yard, and when you are on the water your “catching” will be increased. Accuracy of bait presentation is very important.

Be safe, wear a life jacket and good fishing.

Frank and Melody

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