Honeoye Lake Lunker Bass

photoAugust 20th, my friend, Roger Graham and I decided to bass fish on Honeoye Lake while our wives made a trip for lunch and to the mall. We started in late morning, just north of my cottage. The fishing was rather slow. We tried several baits and depths with mixed results, and I told Roger it was time to move to a new location. Bingo! We started catching some nice bass, and the action was steady. Roger likes to fish a jig & pig, so he made a pitch to a small group of weeds. A thump signaled that something ate the jig, so he put a lip ripping hook set onto the flippin stick and all heck broke loose. A couple of trips around the back of the Ranger and a couple of dives under the boat and this toad showed herself. What a way to cap off a fun afternoon.

A few hours later we set up to fish the Tuesday night tournament on Conesus. We have been doing well each week, but just seem to miss out on the big bite. Last night was no different, needing one big bite or two mediums to move up in the standings. It has been fun fishing these tournaments each week, but Roger is heading back to Florida next week, so we will see the Tuesday night group in 2014.

Jig and pig is working, so try different color combos until you find the bass’s preference, also creature baits in various colors.



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